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Knowing what you know now, what would you say to your younger self?


I must admit to being big on “lists”…I have lists for many things. I have an IDEA book which contains some what-were-you-thinking-of! ideas and some, if I may say so myself, pretty awesome ones. I also keep a food diary listing every thing that goes into my digestive system more diligently now, as part of my nutrition training; a to-do list (urgent and important tasks), a books-to-read list (getting longer by the day!), and so forth.

Lurking around are 3 existential lists, if I can call them that – the Proust Questionnaire (Vanity Fair readers will know this well) which has been 80% complete since last November;  the next is “IF Questions for the Soul” where I randomly select questions from the book (by MacFarlane & Saywell) from time to time and force myself to answer them – some questions are really provocative (such as, “If you are God for a day, what would you do?”) and force you to confront yourself. Last, not least is the Letter to my Younger Self list where I started jotting down thoughts but have not quite penned the actual letter to my 29-year-old self yet. There’s a reason I chose the age 29, but it’s not something I am prepared to share on my blog now, sorry!

I was motivated to write to my younger self after reading a moving letter by Sally Brampton to her younger self. I know if I put my mind to it and do it honestly, the process will be cathartic at some level. I look at my mom now (she turned 78 yesterday) and imagine her as a 20 year old (pictured here):

Young Mom

and wonder what she would say to herself at that age about life, what to enjoy more of and what not to worry about (like her good daughter, for instance!).

What would you say to your younger self at a significant age (you get to pick an age) with all the wisdom and experience you have today? There’s even a website dedicated to this by author and coach, Ellyn Spragins who published a collection of letters from famous people to their younger selves. Yes, I have that book and read it too 🙂 Very inspiring, learnt lots!

Images that transform lives


As an ever aspiring photographer, I would really love to have my images be used as a force for good. Now that I have more control of my time (see Raison D’etre page if you are curious about this at all), I guess I just have to do something about that…

In the meantime, I just stumbled upon this wonderfully simple idea initiated by an American actress – – where celebrities and artists were asked to donate one image each that means something to them, and the site sells them as authenticated prints to supporters and 100% of the proceeds go to a number of charities to help the education of women. Gender inequality of women is pretty extreme in many parts of the world so this charity is definitely worth supporting in my books!

So here’s an favourite image of mine from a recent trip to North India when I was fortunate to be able to observe a group of women (possibly from the Dhobi caste) illustriously washing clothes by the river. Maybe this is one of them I can use to raise funds for a worthy cause…

Dhobis by a river in Udaipur

Dhobis by a river in Udaipur

Just Say NO to GMO!


Just Say NO to GMO!

This video with a message is awesome… Was doing my research and reading today, and stumbled upon the Heath Ranger aka Mike Adams. Genetically-modified foods are the new conspiracy in our food industry. Arm yourself with information and let’s fight back! I am intrigued that here’s someone using his talent to songs music about important health issues – I really admire that!

A Salad State of Mind


Salad3I recently attended a Sensational Salads class which finally gave me the kick I needed to buy a VitaMix blender and a food dehydrator. The salads taught by Viv Sutanto from the Living Food Institute were great! Inspired me to start elevating my own salad creations beyond the three salad recipes I have which have proven popular amongst friends and family. I am also receiving some rather punchy Raw Food messages from David Wolfe as part of  the Health Coach program I am currently attending…so will definitely continue eating as much raw as I can 🙂

Mesmerising Taj Mahal at Dawn


Dec 2012

To capture the magic, I was first in line that winter morning outside the gates. Queued for an hour and literally ran into the compound with my cameras in order to capture the magic of the Taj without people roaming around. The lone figure you see there is my guide’s son…gives it scale and perspective, I reckon.