Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

A Salad State of Mind


Salad3I recently attended a Sensational Salads class which finally gave me the kick I needed to buy a VitaMix blender and a food dehydrator. The salads taught by Viv Sutanto from the Living Food Institute were great! Inspired me to start elevating my own salad creations beyond the three salad recipes I have which have proven popular amongst friends and family. I am also receiving some rather punchy Raw Food messages from David Wolfe as part of  the Health Coach program I am currently attending…so will definitely continue eating as much raw as I can 🙂

Mesmerising Taj Mahal at Dawn


Dec 2012

To capture the magic, I was first in line that winter morning outside the gates. Queued for an hour and literally ran into the compound with my cameras in order to capture the magic of the Taj without people roaming around. The lone figure you see there is my guide’s son…gives it scale and perspective, I reckon.