Wisdom for the Week from an old Chinese fable:

“There is an old farmer in a poor country village who is considered well-off because he owns a horse. One day the horse runs away. The neighbours sympathise, saying how terrible this is, but the farmer simply replies, “Maybe”.  A few days later, the horse returns, bringing with it some wild horses. The neighbours rejoice, but the farmer simply says, “Maybe”. The next day, the farmer’s son tries to ride one of the wild horses, but is thrown back and breaks his leg. When the neighbours come to offer their sympathies, again the farmer just says, “Maybe”. The following week, military officials come to the village to draft young men to serve in the army but the farmer’s son is rejected because of his broken leg. The neighbours congratulate the farmer, saying how lucky he was to not lose his son, but he simply replies, “Maybe”.

Take events and moments as they come…Acknowledge and feel them but we really don’t know how the stories will unfold, do we?

It matters not if this truth scares or excites me, I feel it ultimately frees me.

Wisdom of the Ages

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