Be Unafraid. Very Unafraid.


It’s wonderful to catch up with real good friends, especially the ones who know what you are about and it’s even better when they show up with the right message at the right time! I am so grateful to my new but already-great friends – the Costello brothers of Stephen James Organics fame – for popping in for a visit recently and bringing me The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin’s latest book. I started on it straightaway… and know what? I almost didn’t recognise Godin’s voice. It’s surprisingly honest and human…definitely a different man who penned those thoughts in there. He went out of his comfort zone for this one.

And I am loving it! It’s really a book about coming alive and being alive. Understanding the fences that hold us, and why they are there. He challenges us to debunk the Icarus myth (Don’t fly too high, Don’t disobey, Don’t stand out, Don’t dream, Don’t be!). He is giving us a kick to get us to embark on a very personal journey to create Art. The kind of Art that only you can do if you are unafraid and true to yourself.

Godin defines Art as ‘the truly human act of creating something new that matters to another person’. Hmm, and the last time I did that was…? (Does writing my blog count? ;P)

Ready to hop off when you can hear the beat of your own drum?

Ready to hop off when you can hear the beat of your own drum?

Don’t know about you but what I know for sure is that I know I feel most alive when I am in my zone, indulging in creating things I care about not because of having it do it to impress someone else, to make a buck or because I’m expected to. I am me when I just do it because. Even if no one cares but it makes me me. As Godin says in there: “Anyone who cares and works on it is creating Art.”

Read the book, share your thoughts…

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  1. Thanks for such a wonderful sharing! And of course, I like that dream-big-dreams spirit of yours.

    Indeed, we need to get out of our boats to listen to the waves of the ocean!:)