New perspective about recessions and their impact on girls and women


The World is Failing Girls…

While doing some research recently on charities which support the education of young girls and women in impoverished countries, I found an interesting report by Plan International which throws a new perspective on the issue. It opened my mind, and heart, to new facts I have not considered before… Did you know that the current global economic crises affects the female gender unequally?  The evidence suggests that girls and young women are particularly vulnerable. When we read in the press about countries toppling over like dominoes in Europe, we may not realise that the ripple effects go much further, wider and deeper than just those developed countries alone.

When matters of basic survival are at stake and there isn’t enough to feed the family, girls are made to drop out of school early to find work. This sets off a spiral of hopelessness which may involve abuse, early pregnancies, and a lifetime of continued poverty…


The long-drawn economic crises around the world, coupled entrenched gender inequality in most under developed countries have left girls and their families with “fewer resources, lower incomes and less access to basic services, including social safety nets”.

We should care because it is not just affecting girls’ basic physiological needs but also their fundamental human rights to survivaldevelopment (including education and employment), protection (from violence, neglect and abuse) and participation in macro decisions*.

I am going deeper into the facts and plotting a way to help in a bigger way. If you are interested, there are many charities and NGO’s out there which specifically reach out to these vulnerable girls and women apart from PLAN(such as CARE, CamFed, the new Malala Fund, GEMS, Half the Sky)…perhaps you might be inspired to find your own unique way to help turn the tide against this oppressive trend and give underprivileged young girls and women a chance at better lives.

* Source: Plan International

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