A Manifestation Manifesto


I admit I had been pretty reflective over the last few days… more so this year than in recent past. Perhaps it’s because of 2013 being the year of my personal reinvention (going really well, thanks!), after many years of being a cog in someone else’s wheels. I practiced and strengthened a few new muscles last year (letting go, letting be, less judgement, more listening, restraint on spending on the nice-to-haves, better creative expression – this blog is one avenue, networking…) so a little pat on the back is well-deserved 🙂

What do I wish for myself in this new milestone year? Mostly to remain fearless and push ahead in spite of the doubts, have loads more fun while doing so…and not to mistake activity for achievement! Continue to believe. And yes, the biggie – to trust and love again.

Here’s to a rewarding year for you too in whatever phase of life you are in right now, and do share your hopes for 2014 🙂

Notes to Self

Notes to Self

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