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The Power of Bouncing Back!


Resilience! One of the character traits I most admire in my real life heroes… and often, I don’t have to look far for reminders that when life throws us an occasional “No!”, it’s really alright. A comforting perspective I hold is that perhaps, that was not meant for me anyway or something else better is around the corner!

Life’s not meant to be a struggle… it’s can be rather effortless, really, if we understand that rejections and obstacles are part of the journey. Accepting and allowing are powerful verbs to soothe the mind and ditch unnecessary stress.



Eat not just to fill…but to fuel!


This is one of the easy-to-remember sayings I hope will stay with you for a long time…so you see chances everyday, throughout the day to do right by your body. It is trying its best to do right by you – striving for balance, repair and strength – for  you.

When you view what's on your plate with a new assert the choice to take care of yourself!

When you view what’s on your plate with a new lens…you assert your choice to take control of your wellness!



I am really liking the freshly-minted ME in this milestone year of mine…what a ride! Not sure what shifted and how but having entered a new decade made me truly appreciate how rich my life has been, and how everything…everything up to this point has led me so nicely to where I am now.

And how fortunate am I?

The way I am feeling right now…anything’s possible! Have learnt so much from other like-minded souls recently at a festival filled with people who want to change the world by living true to their calling. Awesome? Yes, and so empowering.

I am reminded that the life that I am envisioning and can feel, touch and see is now right on the other side of my fears and the limits I had set for myself. So, the fears and limits have to go! Right now, this is my decision…A year from now, I will be living a wonderful, barely unrecognisable life and you are gonna say, “Is that really you?”.

Can’t wait!


National pride…and so much to be grateful for!


Yes, we’re weird. We speak Singlish*. We are kiasu**. We queue up for the most inane things – fad foods (bubble tea, anyone?), Hello Kitty and Despicable Me toys (really!). We have a love-hate relationship with the debilitating heat we live in. We think 26 celsius is cold. We have parents who tutor their kids so they can get into brand-name tuition centres so they can get into brand-name schools. We pay through or noses for our cars. We eat to shop….

Yes, we admit to all of that and we’re still so proud to be uniquely Singaporean living on a little red dot of a country on the world map 🙂

Celebration time! Yeah!!

National Day

* Singlish = Singaporean form of monotonous, rapid fire English with generous sprinkles of Malay, Tamil and Chinese dialects thrown into the mix.

** Kiasu = Chinese dialect, meaning literally “scared of losing”.

Ran just because I could…


Sundown M 2013

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
― John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running

I really like this quote because for this race, I had no time to train and wasn’t sure I could complete it. Though I am suffering (physically) a little now after the race, I’m glad I pulled through and got my finisher’s reward! 🙂


“Regular exercise, particularly resistance training and other weight-bearing forms of exercise, produces the same beneficial changes in the body as the human growth hormone – increased muscle mass, decreased body fat and stronger bones.”

John Robbins (one of my heroes) from his book, Healthy at 100.

Had your dose today?

Had your dose today?

Listen to that urging to move your body…