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I am really liking the freshly-minted ME in this milestone year of mine…what a ride! Not sure what shifted and how but having entered a new decade made me truly appreciate how rich my life has been, and how everything…everything up to this point has led me so nicely to where I am now.

And how fortunate am I?

The way I am feeling right now…anything’s possible! Have learnt so much from other like-minded souls recently at a festival filled with people who want to change the world by living true to their calling. Awesome? Yes, and so empowering.

I am reminded that the life that I am envisioning and can feel, touch and see is now right on the other side of my fears and the limits I had set for myself. So, the fears and limits have to go! Right now, this is my decision…A year from now, I will be living a wonderful, barely unrecognisable life and you are gonna say, “Is that really you?”.

Can’t wait!


Got thinking about issues that often confound us…


Had to sit through two days of Family Therapy classes last weekend (yes, there are better things to do, I know!). There were some profound lessons and Aha moments which clearly made my choice to specialise in family therapy the right one for me! But this post is not about that…gotcha 🙂

Engaged as I was with what the Prof was discussing, I started to doodle at first. That quickly reminded me that I can’t draw to save my life! Then I flipped through my note book and found this list of – I really don’t know what to call it – concepts and values that I started compiling every time I got bored. These is wisdom distilled into simple concepts I feel we sometimes get ‘wrong’ but which can be so empowering if we know the difference. My all-time favourite which is a lifetime lesson for me is that Vulnerability and Weakness are not the same thing, and actually, the ability to be vulnerable to the right person within the right relationship at the right time is a real strength.

Here’s my list to kick things off and I think you can see where I am going with this…so please write to me and share what you think are issues and concepts we often can’t tell apart but should!


The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind
at the same time,
and still retain the ability to function.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

You are not slaves to your genes…Got 6 mins? Dr Ornish will convince you.


Though this is not a new video but the message is eternal. Some of us walk around with a noose around our neck and say things like, “Oh well, this disease runs in my family…”. Please know for a fact now that our gene expressions will change with our choices in nutrition, lifestyle and the way you think & feel. Not convinced? Listen to the science in this powerful TED talk. To your health!