Hello, you!

Did you think when you started out that your life would be like this? You’ve worked so hard and now earned yourself a first-class ticket to a luxurious life with all its accompanying accessories. Your status and lifestyle distinguishes you from the rest.

In today’s world, most of us associate success and happiness with the accumulation of wealth. If you are rich, you are not really allowed to be unhappy. No one will shed a tear for the millionaire—surely, the poor little rich boy can buy his way out of anything!

But somewhere in a place of quietness, we also know that what money can buy are not the things that really count in the end. Too often, we participate in the worldly chase that society expects us to, and because some of us are so successful at it (accumulating material emblems of success), we forget what the true game of life is really about…

We may fund our children’s education, but the learning they get from an Ivy League college is not something we can buy. We may be able to consult with top medical specialists, but true healing is something we can only expect from our bodies. We may be able to take our significant other on a luxurious weekend break, but money cannot bring back the hurt we have caused by our callousness.

You may ask what’s wrong with wanting material success and the answer is nothing—as long as you remember that it is not the be all and end all in this game called life. Was there collateral damage in participating in that chase? Your health, relationships, children, vitality, energy, lightness and laughter, your joy…your dreams?

A modern paradigm        In the first chapter of my book, I take you through an intimate journey to examine your world truthfully – the material and ‘immaterial’ – and really ask the hard questions and live authentically and to live well.

Having the ambition to live a luxurious existence with all its trappings is in and of itself not a problem. The issue arises when this is all there is to life.

If we don’t pause to think, today’s culture of buy now, show off and get rich quick will seduce us into being slaves to our wanting and consuming.


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