Picture this: Your best life ever, where you show up every day at your optimal best, loving every minute of what you do!

Forest road. Landscape for background

In attaining your new life, one that’s filled to overflow with Luxurious Health and Happiness, you have to act. You’ve started to educate yourself, now ask more questions, then make decisions to turn your intent into action.

In my experience as a counsellor, coach and mentor, there would often be a point of discomfort or impasse, with my clients. I could see in it their eyes and feel what they go through right then and there. It’s like they are thinking: “Do I make the change, or is it not worth even trying?”

It really helps if you don’t treat your new lifestyle, diet or regimen as something of a punishment when it’s really a privilege. When you have decided that your Best Life includes lasting luxuries like great heath, then instead of lamenting and telling yourself you have to give something up, re-frame the internal conversation and tell yourself you’re now adding new good things to your life!

What are the new privileges open to you when you step into your new Luxurious Life? It’s like clocking frequent wellness miles, which you can redeem for an abundance of energy, strength, quality sleep, happier relationships and deeper contentment!

Scaling even the highest mountain requires us to just set one foot in front of the other.

It could be a decision to be less dependent on stimulants or add more greens to your diet, or liberate yourself from all digital devices so you get better rest. Put your sports shoes on and take that walk you said you would take! Try that new Zumba class. Spend more quality ‘me’ time. Be more present with those who love you.

My Seven Seconds of Success:
“Should I, should I not? Should I, should I not?
Heck, let’s do this!”

Imagine if you are oozing positive energy and passion as a leader, and everyone around you feels it and wants to keep up! You’d make better decisions from a state of better overall mental and physical health. When we are too tired to care or look after ourselves, how can we possibly be the best leader for our troops?

Those of us who lead at home as parents and elders need to think about the types of role models we are and what legacies we may be leaving behind for the next generation. It’s been said that children ultimately do as we do, not as we say.

What are you doing now that creates positive ripples and a luxurious legacy of wellness and joy?


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