It’s high time we live wide awake! Let’s really open our eyes, take them off our digital devices and understand more about the world of food and medicine so we make truly make conscious choices!

The industrial and agricultural revolutions are significant forces in our march towards modernisation, and understanding their impact will help with your big picture of today’s world.

Food makes or breaks us

Developed economies with significant post-industrial success such as the USA, Germany, France, the UK and Japan have led the modern world’s progress in many walks of life. These were nations that called the shots for hundreds of years—culturally, socially, politically and technologically. Ideologies and other tangible transformations flowed from these developed nations to the less-developed ones through the pipelines of media, entertainment, lifestyles, education, medicine, food, fashion, etc.

All these are mostly unquestionably accepted because they are labelled as progress.

Urbanisation has also brought progress on many fronts (education, medical care, technology, commerce and finance), but it has come with certain costs, which you may not even be aware of having paid for!

In Chapter Two, I invite you to Take 5 with me and examine the quantum shifts in the way we are now living, how we consume goods, especially food.

One of my pet peeves is this, and it makes me wonder if our world has gone crazy: About six decades ago, nearly all produce would be considered organic by today’s standards. There never was a need to slap a certification on them. When food production was industrialised, the processed food industry got busy creating food-like substances that contained addictive substances, toxins and chemicals. They also got away with using all the food descriptors they wanted on the labels since not much of it was governed (even now!).

We need to know the real price we are paying for the ‘marvels’ and convenience of mechanised food production with our health, not just with our pockets.



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