Are you ready to start investing in your wellness and build a solid foundation with the same fervour as you put into multiplying your material wealth? What would the returns look like if you start to give quality attention and effort to make regular deposits into your health bank?

What can you expect to gain from eating right, being active, managing stress, sleeping well and sustaining positive relationships?

Most of us simply wish for good health, and think it’s all up to the luck of the draw and hope that we will not fall too seriously ill, and heaven forbid, to be inflicted with a chronic condition like diabetes, cancer, heart disease or stroke. “No, not me…cancer happens to other people.” (As of 2015, cancer is the No. 1 killer in Singapore, where one in three people die of it.)

We trundle along with other priorities in life and shove aside the physical and emotional pains and signals that our bodies send us as cries for help.

In your quest to live a New Luxurious Life, remember, the end game is not to be an infallible superhero and accept fatigue, pain and discomfort as part of the new normal.

“Great health is not something you wish for… it is something your work for.”

On your way to your best health ever, you may like to get up close and cellular and explore how your genetic blueprint and all your life’s choices have impacted your total health and being…

Work on your health

Allow me to take you on a little necessary diversion to clear up an issue and a belief system as I hear this one often when I coach – and that is ‘blaming’ our genes for our state of health!

Yes, our genes do play a key role in determining who we are, but the burgeoning body of knowledge from the field of genetic science and epigenetics now shows us that it’s more a case of Nature via Nurture; which means what we do influences our DNA. It’s called gene expression.

Knowing that we are not doomed by the genetic hand we are dealt with is liberating and powerful. Think about it—we have the opportunity to change our health.

This is the latest revolution in health: To understand each one of us down to our DNA profile, so that the interventions can be truly bio-tailored. The good news is a lot of the genes linked to diseases actually need to be ‘switched on’ or expressed before they can cause harm.

Keen to try figuring out what foods, exercise regimes, vocations and social situations work best for you based on your specific biotype? PH360 has these answers for you using their scientifically-advanced online health assessment tool –  a world first, by the way!

Use this link [] to access your personal PH360 assessment, and you not only enjoy getting your no-holds barred report meant only for you (based on your unique biotype profile) but contact me and I will personally provide a 45-minute coaching session for you* with compliments (worth SGD250 otherwise!)…and you’re welcome! Want you not to miss this chance to explore an effective way to unlock useful keys to your best health!

*Please reach out to me via or contact me via this blog!

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