Before we lay fresh foundations for a life luxuriously dripping with true wealth, we must first let go of unwanted baggage to make room for the good and new! Have you seen how sprinters train by strapping a mini parachute on their backs for the extra resistance while running? Unless you are a professional athlete paid to endure the pain, I say ditch anything that holds you back on your journey to your life of Luxurious Wellness.

Time to stub out the faulty thinking, habits, thoughts, perspectives, people, things, situations or relationships that no longer serve you going forward.

Philosophers all agree on this one thing: Dragging around a bag of REGRETS is totally counter-productive and leads us to constantly look back (with emotions like sadness and anger)… I believe it colours our perspectives of the future and of our abilities.

In my book, I set the readers an exercise called the ‘death-bed test’. Heard about that? Check out Chapter 4!

The other thing to ditch big time is FEAR. What is this four-letter word that causes us to seize up before we even start, or that thought or feeling that pretends to warn us of danger, even when none exists?

I am not talking about the type of fear when survival is at stake, say, when you suddenly find yourself in front of a big grizzly bear. I’m not referring to phobias either, since those are usually related to psychological disorders.

I am fixated on the ones we fabricate in our heads when, in reality, there is no actual danger or threat. The type we conveniently use so we can say “No” to new experiences, new friendships, new jobs, new tastes, new learning…

Just know that some of our irrational fears stand in the way of new experiences, friendships, adventures, skills and extraordinary fun!

Gurus tell us that we must move and act in spite of the sense of dread. Fear exists even amongst the bravest of us; we feel it when confronted by the unknown. Fear of change is a HUGE one for most. In the work that I do with my clients, it’s often not the rational part of their being I have to appeal to, but the psychological one. You’d think logic will prevail, but that is not always the case.

Chapter 4 Image 1

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