“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

Elation. Euphoria. Delight. Exuberance. Ecstasy. Ice cream. 🙂

Happiness by any other name is just as joyous!
For some, Happiness is like a rare commodity… secretly traded by a select few with exclusive access—and the more we chase after it, the more out of reach it seems to be!

The pleasure of owning something we covet is fleeting and linked to something external. We’ll need the next thing to be bigger and better to give us the same feeling—diminishing marginal utility kicks in. This is lower-order happiness.

Philosophers tell us that lasting happiness (of a higher order) comes from within.

And then there’s Success…another commodity we can all get excited about!

The outward signs of success in our modern-day world are easy to spot, aren’t they?

But are they really, truly the emblems of success that mean something in the end?

Do you think Money = Happiness?

Feel really rich

Having enough (or more than enough) material wealth to meet our needs and wants can certainly bring about feelings of joy (or at the very least, ease feelings of stress). It’s what money represents to each of us that needs to be understood. Many gurus way before me have expounded on this money/wealth equation and guess what?

We’ll have to learn to wisely separate our temporal feelings of power and freedom to buy and pay for stuff with lasting happiness from within – even while we don’t have much by way of assets to shout about.

In my book, I ask the question: What are your triggers for Happiness and urge all of us to know them, and use them! In my personal paradigm to having it all, these are some of what I count on to bring me inner joy:

  • Being creative.
  • Getting in the flow (like now, when I am writing).
  • Seeing possibilities everywhere.
  • Connecting with kindred spirits.
  • Feeling loving and lovable.
  • Being appreciated and understood.
  • Feeling strong and fit.
  • Radiating health and energy.
  • Feeding my curiosity.
  • Singing out loud.
  • Dancing till dawn.
  • Learning something new.
  • Capturing that perfect shot with my camera.
  • Customising a special gift for someone I care about.
  • Exploring new languages, lands and cultures.
  • Finishing a race/task I started.
  • Curling up with a good book.
  • Enjoying a really slow meal with friends.
  • Nailing the yoga poses named suspiciously after insects, birds and animals!

Time for you to get excited about contemplating your version of Happiness and Success. They can’t wait…

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