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If you are (still) asking: “Should I buy organic?” …please watch my l’il experiment!


I was so excited to test my new gadget – something called Green Test, developed by a team in Hong Kong – which measures the level of nitrates in our produce. The simple test I did with a few things from my fridge revealed shocking results!

You should watch this…and leave me your comment below.


Eat not just to fill…but to fuel!


This is one of the easy-to-remember sayings I hope will stay with you for a long time…so you see chances everyday, throughout the day to do right by your body. It is trying its best to do right by you – striving for balance, repair and strength – for  you.

When you view what's on your plate with a new lens...you assert the choice to take care of yourself!

When you view what’s on your plate with a new lens…you assert your choice to take control of your wellness!

Let GM salmon swim through red tape…REALLY?


There are not many news articles in my local papers that solicit as visceral a reaction as this one did from me recently. The title leapt at me – this nearly full-page, basically one-sided argument (the link here takes you to the article reproduced on the AsiaOne site) to suggest that we should allow genetically engineered salmon into our food supply and that it’s ‘safe’. Really? On which planet?

Upon reading the entire piece on Feb 24th, I felt rather enraged and sat down to write my response to this. I emailed it straightaway that morning (hey, I gave up my usual Sunday morning run for this!), hoping that if I met the 12noon deadline, it may get published the next day. Alas, not. New budget news were announced last week…which got everyone worried about cost of cars and wage credits. So, I have been biding my time since then (a 5-day moratorium is what the Straits Times asked for before I can publish this anywhere else).

So here it is, my Response to the Sunday Times about this issue.  This is the full, unedited version. And you know what’s worrying? When I googled this morning to find a link I could use on this post about the original article, there were already about 6 other news and health websites which have regurgitated this article for their readers!

Don't think any fish would wish to be genetically altered...

Don’t think any fish would wish to be genetically altered…

(Sorry, I don’t have any images of salmon in my personal library – so here’s one of some happy koi
from the pond where I live…it will have to do for now!)

The FDA was expected to rule on this issue last week but I have not been able to find any news updates about it yet, so maybe there’s been a delay. Do comment and let me know if you stumble upon an update about this. I will continue tracking.

I want to know where my food comes from, don’t you? We need to keep asking and pushing for transparency from the authorities, and be the consumer who cares!