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If you are (still) asking: “Should I buy organic?” …please watch my l’il experiment!


I was so excited to test my new gadget – something called Green Test, developed by a team in Hong Kong – which measures the level of nitrates in our produce. The simple test I did with a few things from my fridge revealed shocking results!

You should watch this…and leave me your comment below.


Eat not just to fill…but to fuel!


This is one of the easy-to-remember sayings I hope will stay with you for a long time…so you see chances everyday, throughout the day to do right by your body. It is trying its best to do right by you – striving for balance, repair and strength – for ¬†you.

When you view what's on your plate with a new lens...you assert the choice to take care of yourself!

When you view what’s on your plate with a new lens…you assert your choice to take control of your wellness!