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10 stunning images from Liu Bolin, the disappearing man


As an ever aspiring photographer, I am gobsmacked by these images by Liu. Beyond the images though is his intent and message – they are very powerful. There are many things in our society that render us ‘invisible’, so one question to ask is, “How am I living and expressing my true self so I can be as free as I allow myself to BE?”

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Liu Bolin’s images invite a game akin to Where’s Waldo?. In some of the Chinese artist’s incredible photos, it’s clear where he is standing; in others, like the one above, it’s much harder to spot the outline of his body at all. It’s for this that Bolin has been called “The Invisible Man.”

[ted_talkteaser id=1721 lang=en]In today’s TED Talk, Bolin shares the meaning behind these images — that they are a way to examine the relationship between culture and its development, and to speak for those who are rendered invisible by the Chinese government, by consumer culture or simply by the circumstances of history.

“From the beginning, this series has a protesting, reflective and uncompromising spirit,” says Bolin.  “I think that in art, an artist’s attitude is the most important element. If an artwork is to touch someone, it must be the result of not only technique, but…

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