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National pride…and so much to be grateful for!


Yes, we’re weird. We speak Singlish*. We are kiasu**. We queue up for the most inane things – fad foods (bubble tea, anyone?), Hello Kitty and Despicable Me toys (really!). We have a love-hate relationship with the debilitating heat we live in. We think 26 celsius is cold. We have parents who tutor their kids so they can get into brand-name tuition centres so they can get into brand-name schools. We pay through or noses for our cars. We eat to shop….

Yes, we admit to all of that and we’re still so proud to be uniquely Singaporean living on a little red dot of a country on the world map 🙂

Celebration time! Yeah!!

National Day

* Singlish = Singaporean form of monotonous, rapid fire English with generous sprinkles of Malay, Tamil and Chinese dialects thrown into the mix.

** Kiasu = Chinese dialect, meaning literally “scared of losing”.