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We cannot still be doing this…please watch.


View till the end for the punch!


You are not slaves to your genes…Got 6 mins? Dr Ornish will convince you.


Though this is not a new video but the message is eternal. Some of us walk around with a noose around our neck and say things like, “Oh well, this disease runs in my family…”. Please know for a fact now that our gene expressions will change with our choices in nutrition, lifestyle and the way you think & feel. Not convinced? Listen to the science in this powerful TED talk. To your health!

Just Say NO to GMO!


Just Say NO to GMO!

This video with a message is awesome… Was doing my research and reading today, and stumbled upon the Heath Ranger aka Mike Adams. Genetically-modified foods are the new conspiracy in our food industry. Arm yourself with information and let’s fight back! I am intrigued that here’s someone using his talent to songs music about important health issues – I really admire that!